Music to download for Summer 2018

Pieces to be played in the Summer Concert 2018

There are four pieces to print off, one of them, the Rachmaninov, arranged by our very own Dan Orton (bass clarinet) and all of them available by clicking on the links below on this page.

You will see that three of the pieces are on IMSLP, for which you will need to click on ‘Parts’, halfway down the page. The flute part is the most prominent.
Click on the arrow beneath the flute part to access all the other instruments.  Note that if you play a transposing instrument and your part is in an awkward key, extra transposed parts may be available if you scroll to the very bottom of the parts available, so it’s worth checking.

For those who have not downloaded from IMSLP before, there is a 15 second countdown after you click on the instrument part you wish to download.  After this delay, click on ‘click here to download’, which is near the top of the page.  You can then print off the music

The three pieces to download from IMSLP are:
Note that there are trumpet parts in B flat if you scroll right to the bottom of the page
Please be careful to download the correct version, as there are 3 available. We will be playing from the FIRST set listed in the parts section: number 462057, user name ‘Duncan’.
Simon has requested that the first desk of violin 1 plays the ‘violin harp substitute’ part.
STRING PLAYERS: Please print off your copies as described above, but then refer to the second set of parts for your bowings, as these have already been put in by a professoinal orchestra. ALSO, if you scroll down to the towards the bottom of the ‘parts’ section, you will see a section called ‘harp 2 cues for strings’. Please print off the page that corresponds to your instrument. This is to fill the rests in your parts that lie between G and H.
HORNS and TRUMPETS: There are transposed parts written if you scroll towards the bottom of the ‘parts’ section – use these if you wish.
BASS CLARINET: There is a part near the bottom of the page, but I suspect the bassoon II parts would be more useful…’
For those who would like to listen to the music,  or play along,  theYouTube links are as follows:

Good luck and please ask Sian or a section member if you have any problems.