Music for 2018

Pieces to be played in the first concert of 2018 and to be downloaded (with instructions below for those who have not done it before)

The two pieces to download from IMSLP are:

Gustav Holst, A Somerset Rhapsody

Ludwig van Beethoven, Romance in F for violin and orchestra

Notes:  There is no part in the Romance for clarinet, trumpet, trombone or timp/percussion;
Scroll down to the bottom of this page to listen on YouTube to the pieces that we will be playing


Click on the underlined blue links above to open the IMSLP Petrucci Music Library page.  Scroll down until you see the Sheet Music box and click Parts (11) as shown in the example pictured below.


Still on the website page scroll down to find your instrument. Click on the name of your instrument or the yellow arrow to download your music.

On the top of the page that opens you will see the words ‘Your download will continue in 15 seconds’ and wait for the words ‘Click here to continue your download’.  Click and your music will appear.

Identify 1st 2nd parts.

Clarinets, trumpets, trombones etc. take note of instrument key: A/Bb, bass clef etc.

Highlight your part and save it in the file of your choice or print the screen as it appears.

Printers vary!  Click on ‘Scale to fit’ if you have that option.  Or 95% (print only one page to ensure the page is fully printed – compare with what’s on the screen).

If players wish to listen to the pieces we will be playing, they can be found on YouTube as follows:

Bronze Horse Overture

Il Signor Bruschino Overture

Egmont Overture

A Somerset Rhapsody

Romance in F

Bach orchestral suite no 3
Note that this is arranged by Tony Kitcherside for the whole orchestra, but that we will not be playing the overture, so the portion we are playing starts 6m27s into the recording.

Click the underlined blue link below and then click on Audio Sample to hear a performance which has been computer-generated from the score:
Fanfare Blues and Tango